Professionally made s’mores are hot! The marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers
in Jessica Foster Confections’ version, for example, are made from scratch for take-home kits and catered events. Photo by Gary Moss, originally published in the summer 2021 issue of 805 Living Magazine.

The nostalgia of the standard s’more—melty chocolate and gooey roasted marshmallows
sandwiched between graham crackers—gets a major upgrade with these creative takes on the summer campfire classic.

Glamping-style: For its ultra-luxe s’mores, Santa Barbara-based Jessica Foster
Confections (jessicafosterconfections.com) offers house-made, small-batch versions
of each of the treat’s traditional components: the marshmallows, the chocolate, and
the graham crackers. “Honestly the most exciting part of the whole thing is the graham
crackers,” says confectioner Jessica Foster. “They are so buttery and crumbly that I have
to get rid of them when I make them or else I’m going to eat all of them.”
In addition to producing the elevated s’mores kit, Foster caters customized s’mores
stations for events. At a celebration on National S’mores Day last year she served
house-made cinnamon s’mores (cinnamon graham crackers, cinnamon marshmallows, and dark chocolate bars with sea salt), lemon blackberry s’mores (graham crackers, vanilla
bean marshmallows, Meyer lemon truffles, and sliced blackberries), key lime s’mores (coconut graham crackers, vanilla bean marshmallows, key lime curd, and optional
chocolate), and mint chocolate s’mores (chocolate graham crackers, vanilla bean
marshmallows, and mint-infused truffle sticks). For the ultimate touch, Foster even helped guests roast their own marshmallows to the perfect degree of gooey goodness with a portable blowtorch.

Camping-style: “Everybody wants s’mores,” says Samantha Bearman, of SB Baking Besties (samanthabearman.com/sb-baking-besties), “and we bake our s’mores with love in every bite.” Bearman cofounded the Santa Barbara-based sweets company with her best friend, Nikki Russo, last spring, and this summer they’re offering a S’mores With Love kit, which includes homemade chocolate hearts and homemade heart-shaped marshmallows, as well as a deluxe version that features extra-large homemade marshmallows atop homemade campfire cookies instead of standard graham crackers.
“They’re great for when you want a really sweet treat that’s messy,” says Berman, “and so
perfect for backyard camping because they’re gooey and ooey and oh, so great.

Originally published in the Summer 2021 issue of 805 Living Magazine. Cover photo by Gary Moss. To see the story as it originally appeared click here.