Leslie Dinaberg

Leslie Dinaberg

Leslie Dinaberg is a professional editor and writer for magazines, newspapers, websites, books, marketing materials and apps. She is currently the Arts, Culture and Community Editor for the Santa Barbara Independent. Recent projects include serving as the Managing Editor of UC Santa Barbara Magazine, a new publication launched winter 2021. She was the Editor in Chief of Touring & Tasting (a national wine and travel publication and website) and served for more than a decade as the Managing Editor of Santa Barbara SEASONS (a glossy regional lifestyle magazine and website), where she also wrote the weekly Cocktail Corner columnist because she believes in giving herself first crack at the best assignments.

In addition to writing and editing hundreds of magazine, newspaper and digital stories, she has also overseen the editorial content of regional lifestyle magazines (Santa Barbara Polo magazine, Coastal SEASONS magazine, Santa Barbara Visitors magazine) as well as national business magazines (Hispanic Business Magazine, SuperOnda Magazine, SAM (Sales *Advertising*Marketing)).

She is the author of three nonfiction children’s books and the co-author of Hometown Santa Barbara, an insider’s guide to Santa Barbara. Leslie moved to Santa Barbara when she was in kindergarten, and other than a decade of infatuation with the world of entertainment in Los Angeles, has continued to live and work in her hometown.

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