Harmonizing with Soluna

By Leslie Dinaberg

SuperOnda Managing Editor

Soluna, For All Time

Soluna, For All Time

Somewhere between the sun and the moon is the female foursome Soluna. Formed in the late ’90s, the group quickly signed with DreamWorks Records and recorded its self-titled debut CD, which came out in May. With the release of their hit single “For All Time” and the accompanying video airing on MTV’s popular TRL viewer request show, band members “T” (short for Christina) Lopez, Jessica Castellanos, Aurora Rodriguez, and America (pronounced Amereeka) Olivio are clearly on a roll. SúperOnda caught up with them in Santa Barbara, hours before they performed as the opening act for Marc Anthony. The four Southern California Latinas were energetic, excited, and entertaining after a rare day of rest for them during the tour.

SO: I know you’ve been together for only three years. How did you get signed with DreamWorks?

Jessica: We were fortunate to get noticed early on in the inception of the group. We had all been struggling artists as soloists. We’ve been trying to do this since we were four years old – singing in church since we were little. But once we got together with the band, doors started to open. People who knew people opened doors for us. They had friends that you never knew they knew. Like your friend had a friend who had a company … and you’re like, “you never introduced them to me before …” [all laugh].

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