Roses in November

805 Living Roses in November

Macchiato Roses photo by Debbie Kline, Florabundance. Courtesy 805 Living Magazine.

During the fall, roses in warm earthy colors are in high demand. Among the newest additions to this palette are Macchiato roses. The color of blushing cheeks, these beauties are available locally at Florabundance (, a wholesale flower supplier in Carpinteria.

“Growers in the flower world are working on new varieties all the time,” says Florabundance buyer Debbie Kline, who suggests a few options to consider in an arrangement of Macchiato roses for the Thanksgiving table. “I personally like to see the brown tones mixed with burgundies and even blushes or peach; natural elements with texture always bring interest, too, like bronze Amaranthus, burgundy Scabiosa, and chocolate lace flowers.

“The process for creating new, natural varieties is actually quite fascinating,” Kline says, “and anticipating future trends is tricky. [Growers] also work on producing new colors and varieties that are stronger and more productive to grow.” —Leslie Dinaberg

805 Living Magazine, November 2019.

805 Living Magazine, November 2019.

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Style File: Chocolate & Roses

Karen Herzog Rose Cream

Karen Herzog Rose Cream

Chocolate and roses are two of my favorite things, and the Karin Herzog Swiss-made line of oxygen skincare products (reportedly favored by none-than supreme English rose herself, Duchess Kate Middleton) offers both—minus the thorns and the calories!

Karin Herzog’s Rose Cream smells ever so sweet and combines the detoxifying and hydrating properties of 1% oxygen with the soothing, toning and brightening effects of rose. It works to deep clean pores, calm and treat skin conditions such as rosacea, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation and has anti-inflammatory properties, inhibiting pigmentation and balancing pH for a fresh, luminous face.

Karin Herzog’s Choco2 boosts moisture and evens skin tone, while pampering the senses with the luxurious scent of Swiss chocolate. The combined power of 2% active oxygen and Swiss chocolate provides vital energy to skin while flushing out debris and toxins.

As well, Karin Herzog’s Chocolate!  anti-oxident intensive moisturizer is formulated with premium Swiss chocolate, avocado and wheat germ, to create an intensive, vitamin-rich facial moisturizer. This nighttime nourishing treatment soothes skin and restores suppleness.  Additional ingredients such as vitamin A help revive and renew dull complexions, while vitamin E soothes irritation and the rich chocolate creates a truly comforting experience.

Karin Herzog 7 Creams of the Week

Karin Herzog 7 Creams of the Week

Still not sure which to try? Karin Herzog also has a fun 7 Creams of the Week sample set available, which includes a travel size collection of these best sellers:

  • Rose Calms and regenerates the skin for radiant complexion.
  • AHA Cream Gently exfoliates with mild fruit acids.
  • Vita-A-Kombi 1 Detoxes, deeply hydrates and fights first signs of aging.
  • Additional Sweet Comforts the skin, protects and locks in the powers of the oxygen.
  • Oxygen Face Treats blemishes and acne and normalizes the skin.
  • Essential Mask Instant Beauty Booster for the weekend.
  • Vitamin H Rich in valuable vitamins and skin nutrients to help the skin regenerate.

All are available at

—Leslie Dinaberg

Originally published in Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine on July 19, 2016.