Are you really busy?



New show asks families to compete for busiest title

Sure there’s a certain prestige to sporting the most active minivan on your block. But if you’re really that busy, who not go pro?

A busy family lifestyle could earn your family a spot on a new NBC reality show “America’s Busiest Families” (working title).

We are looking for busy, busy families, said casting director Vaia Abatzis. “Stay at home moms, working moms, working dads, stay at home dads, across the board, we want it all. It really comes down to the entire family that is just consistently active, meaning kids with tons of lessons, sports, activities, just going going going.”

Families will be filmed in their own homes, going about their own lives and competing against others to see who runs the busiest and best household in America.

“It would be expected that they would go about their business. That’s the whole point, because obviously they can’t stop, they’re busy. They can’t take the day off and take the kids out of school and stop soccer practice, the whole point of the show is going through these challenges while you’re running around for your day to day life,” Abatzis said.

The filming will take spring, with the show airing in the summer.

“The families will be taking part in what we are calling household challenges — just various challenges … that the entire family can get involved in. The winning family will receive a cash award,” Abatzis said.

The casting search, which closes at the end of February 2005, targets families from across the country with multiple children (ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers) that have been able to balance the pressures of the working world, household demands and numerous activities.

Families interested in applying for the reality series should go to to review the entry application.

Originally published in South Coast Beacon on January 13, 2005.