Local Lowdown: Lucidity Festival

Lucidity Festival

Lucidity Festival, Courtesy of innermusephotography.com

This experiential arts and music festival brings together a top-notch line-up of musical talent, along with multi-sensory art installations, themed environments and educational speakers, as well as more intimate settings for personal connections.

Now in its fourth year, Lucidity Festival offers workshops and presentations on subjects such as breathwork, consciousness, health & healing, permaculture, social change, world peace and more.

Turning dreams into reality is an underlying theme. As the organizers wrote: “When we become lucid in our dreams, we realize ourselves as infinite potential, we let go of fear and we are free to create that which we want to see in the world. Bring those visions, those possibilities and that delicious conscious energy with you to Lucidity and wake up in the dream.”

Lucidity Festival 2015: Kindred Quest opens for camping at midnight on Thursday, April 9. The music starts on Friday, April 10, and runs through Sunday night, April 12. For tickets and information about camping, visit lucidityfestival.com.

—Leslie Dinaberg

Originally published in Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine, Spring 2015.