Cavalia’s Odysseo is One Wild Ride

Odyesseo "Freedom," photo by Jak Wonderly.

Odyesseo “Freedom,” photo by Jak Wonderly.

If you’re looking for a perfect way to entertain the whole family this holiday season, Cavalia‘s new Odysseo show is just the ticket.

Odyesseo "The Fairies," photo by Pascal Ratthe.

Odyesseo “The Fairies,” photo by Pascal Ratthe.

This magical spectacle blends jaw-dropping equestrian artistry with Cirque du Soleil level acrobatics and music, as well as beautiful costumes and incredible set design. It’s really quite a magical experience, and well worth the drive to Irvine, where it’s playing through January 8 (under a giant White Big Top at the junction of the I-405 & the SR-133).

Odyesseo "Finale," photo by Lynne Glazze.

Odyesseo “Finale,” photo by Lynne Glazze.

The production is so unique that it’s hard to describe. “Odysseo marries the equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects at never-before-seen levels. A veritable revolution in live performance, Odysseo comprises a list of superlatives: the world’s largest touring production and traveling big top, the biggest stage, the most beautiful visual effects, and the largest number of horses at liberty,” according to the promoters.

For once, they aren’t exaggerating in the least.

Odyesseo "Carosello," photo by Dan Harper.

Odyesseo “Carosello,” photo by Dan Harper.

The 65 horses and 48 artists who star in the show take you on a journey into a dreamy world of the planet’s most unforgettable landscapes. This is a show you won’t soon forget. For tickets and information visit‎.

—Leslie Dinaberg

Odyesseo "The Angels," photo by Andrew Miller.

Odyesseo “The Angels,” photo by Andrew Miller.

Originally published in Santa Barbara Seasons on December 4, 2016.