Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.
-Marie Curie

Cocktail Corner: Sukari Spirits

by lesliedinaberg on October 27, 2017

A spirited toast to all things alcoholic!  By Leslie Dinaberg Vodka is one of the most versatile spirits around, so it always fun to try out a new bottle. Sukari Spirits has created an ultra-premium vodka that’s infused with super fruit flavors of natural dragon fruit, pear, pineapple and blood orange.  The fruit flavors are subtle but […]

Cocktail Corner: Wine Meets Cocktails—and Mocktails—With Stolen Fruit

by lesliedinaberg on July 15, 2016

A spirited toast to all things alcoholic!  By Leslie Dinaberg Winemakers have traditionally seduced delicious tastes from the vineyard and chefs blend verjus—the fresh pressed juice from green grapes, varietal grape juice, and grape skins—to bring flavor to the forefront of their creations. Now these same techniques have been used to craft a fun, new line of grape-based mixers: […]

Cocktail Corner: Loving Limoncellotinis

by lesliedinaberg on August 23, 2013

A spirited toast to all things alcoholic! By Leslie Dinaberg As we like to say around here, when life gives you lemons … make Limoncello! An Italian lemon liqueur that is traditionally made from lemon zest steeped in grain alcohol (also known as the deadly Everclear to those of you who went to college frat […]