What’s Cooking at the Ranch

What's Cooking at the Ranch was originally published in the April 2021 issue of 805 Living Magazine.Elizabeth Poett, proprietor of Rancho San Julian’s grass-fed beef operation in Lompoc, has a lifestyle cooking show on the new Magnolia Network. Ranch to Table (theranchtable.com), which launched in February, has been in the works for about
a year. Upcoming episodes, Poett says, will provide “a glimpse into what life is like on a cattle ranch and tons of delicious meals that focus on all that the Central Coast has to offer.”

Originally part of a Mexican land grant, the 14,000-acre ranch was established in 1837 and is featured prominently on the show along with its resident cows and chickens, gardens and orchards, Poett and her husband, Austin Campbell, and their two young sons.

Poett laughs when asked if Campbell, who also comes from a long line of local ranchers and farmers, was game to be on TV from the get-go. “I think Austin and I both knew that when we married each other we were going to need to be game for a lot,” says the seventh-generation rancher. “We were excited for the opportunity to share the importance of—as well as the beauty of—agriculture.”

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