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-J.K. Rowling

Lila Downs

by lesliedinaberg on September 25, 2017

  The Los Angeles Times describes Lila Downs as, “A renowned Mexican balladeer known for her wild outfits, wide range and powerful voice, a goose-bump-inducing instrument that can go from playful to grave from one note to the next.” “Few alternative artists have the dynamic power and range of this bilingual warrior-woman,” states NPR. Grammy Award-winning Mexican-American […]

Cocktail Corner: National Hot Toddy Day

by lesliedinaberg on July 1, 2013

A spirited toast to all things alcoholic!  By Leslie Dinaberg Today (January 11) is National Hot Toddy Day. How cool is that? FYI, a “hot toddy” is a warmth-inducing yummy drink made with honey, lemon, hot water, and the spirit of your choice (usually whiskey, brandy, or rum). Hot Toddies are a perfect way to warm […]