Case Study: Interliant’s Sales Incentive Program

The Challenge: Every morning, Travis Lupo, Web Hosting Sales Manager for Interliant, an ASP with offices through the U.S. and Europe, meets with his 25-member Atlanta-based sales team. Daily updates and friendly competition are an important part of his motivation strategy, but Interliant’s internal platform for sales reporting was being transitioned and he couldn’t get daily updated results for the sales reps.

The Solution: A sales incentive program developed in conjunction with Salesdriver provided Interliant with a cost-effective, efficient, web-based solution.

“We provide real-time feedback for sales managers,” says Dan Berger, Salesdriver’s CEO and President. “Right now the Internet is the most powerful change agent in the $23 billion annual incentives market.”

Lupo agrees. “Being web-based … it’s more efficient … you have to do a lot less manually as far as rolling it out to your people, and the results are up there on Salesdriver on an automated basis. … less strain for management.”

Salesdriver’s innovative on-line sales contest service allowed Interliant to build their program for free, and launch it with the click of a button. The bill came when the “DriverDollars” were cashed in by winning salespeople at the end of the contest — the ultimate “pay for performance.”

“Trips and electronics are what incent our employees the most,” says Lupo. “We’ve been using Salesdriver for almost a year now.” The results? “It’s kind of hard to quantify, but our numbers have definitely grown exponentially and the sales force and efficiency in the organization have boosted our revenue … I would say this has definitely positively impacted our revenue.”

Originally published in SAM Magazine in July 2001.