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Opening spread 805 Living Hotel Chefs Dish March 2020Creators of the farE served at 10 prestigious area resorts share their best new menu items, observations on industry trends, favorite local ingredients, and go-to eats made by other chefs.

By Leslie Dinaberg

Great chefs love great food. So who better qualified to share their insights on the 805 dining scene than top chefs at local resorts? With their insider intel on what’s new in Central Coast restaurants right now, crave-worthy dishes from their own kitchens and other chefs, as well as their favorite local ingredients, here’s what 10 area hotel chefs say is trending in the 805.


Belmond El Encanto, Santa Barbara

What’s trending on the 805 restaurant scene right now? Upscale Mexican cuisine. At least three new Mexican restaurants opened between last year and this year.

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? Our vegan ramen. It’s comfort food that pleases everyone.

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? The veggie burger at the Goat Tree restaurant [] in Santa Barbara’s Hotel Californian is very tasty, my to-go dish for lunch.

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? Chef Yoichi Kawabata at the Japanese restaurant Yoichi’s [] in Santa Barbara, for clean flavors and clean presentations.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? There are too many to list, but one in particular is the finger lime caviar. It’s fun to use and fits many dishes—from raw fish to desserts—with its bright and bold flavor.

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The Gardens of Avila, Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, San Luis Obispo,

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? My go-to dish is always a steak, medium rare. My favorite steak place is The Hitching Post II [] in Buellton. I remember having one on my birthday. It was a 32-ounce rib eye grilled over oak.

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? Chef Brian Collins at Ember in Arroyo Grande. He does farm-to-table and the menu changes every month. It’s a really good experience from the service to the food.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? I’m very lucky to have a one-acre garden that we harvest a lot of our ingredients from, including melons, cucumbers, radishes, heirloom tomatoes, beets, greens, herbs, and edible flowers. We have a full-time farmer on-site—Haley Trengove—who is super helpful and really knowledgeable. That is something most restaurants in the area don’t have, and it sets us apart.


San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito,

What’s trending on the 805 restaurant scene right now? Microbrews are popping up everywhere, which has food trucks coming to serve small plates, whether they’re taco, wood-fired pizza, or barbecue trucks. Also with more and more vegans and gluten-free diners, a lot of restaurants are going in that direction with healthier and lighter dishes. There are so many different options now in the 805 compared to 10 years ago when it was mainly tacos, Italian food, and cafés.

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? One of our dishes at Stonehouse restaurant is Local Spiny Lobster with gnocchi, romanesco, speck ham, and Meyer lemon emulsion. The lobster is from Santa Cruz Island and the Meyer lemons that make up the sauce are from our gardens at San Ysidro Ranch.

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? One of my favorite dishes is at Kitanoya Ramen & Sushi [805-382-1222] in Oxnard. It’s the Fried Chicken Ramen with crispy garlic, pickled egg, and spicy miso, along with a side of their house-made kimchi. It is my comfort dish on a cold evening; it’s so good.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? My favorite ingredient right now is definitely Meyer lemons from our property. We also have beehives on the property that make our honey. It’s got flavors of rosemary and lavender.


Lido, Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa, Pismo Beach,

What’s trending on the 805 restaurant scene right now? Not just in the 805 but countrywide, diners have moved to either a plant-based diet or have chosen to omit gluten and carbs from their diets. We here at Lido make an effort to accommodate diners with a host of different diets. Recently we released a house-made vegan burger consisting of edamame, shiitake mushrooms, garbanzo beans, and hominy, which is very popular. We also appeal to gluten-free diners who frequent our resort. I am most proud of this, considering 80 percent of our menu is gluten-free or has the option to be prepared that way, everything from our crab cakes and French fries all the way to our garbanzo bean flour–breaded fritto misto appetizer.

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? Oh, hands down the pork belly and abalone dish by chef Brian Collins at Ember [] in Arroyo Grande. I usually am off on Mondays when they are closed, but every time I visit Ember that is my go-to dish!

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? Nicola Allegretto at Mistura [] in San Luis Obispo. Mistura stands out because of the lack of Peruvian food represented here in the 805. With fun, eclectic flavors and beautiful presentation, it’s just a fun and interesting place all around.

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Blackbird, Hotel Californian, Santa Barbara,

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? My favorite dish on the Blackbird menu right now is our Prime New York Steak. It is a grass-fed, all-natural product that is aged for at least 33 days. It’s so tender and delicious by itself, but we accompany it with heirloom carrot variations, caramelized cipollini onions, chimichurri, and a smoked–blue cheese bread pudding. The preparation is beautiful and over-the-top delicious!

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? The buttermilk fried quail from chef Jason Paluska at The Lark [] in Santa Barbara. It is spectacular, and I love that he took such a classic approach to a great ingredient.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? One of the best things about living and cooking in Santa Barbara is the access to great seafood. Right now we are getting the best spiny lobsters I can remember. At Hotel Californian we have great relationships within our local fishing community and are able to get fresh lobsters right off the boat. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Forging those partnerships means that Hotel Californian will always be able to source the best product in the area. I have such respect for the fishermen and farmers who are passionate about sustainability and being stewards of our natural resources.


Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara,

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? We just introduced a new dish to the Bella Vista menu which is, to me, Santa Barbara on a plate! Santa Barbara Uni with cauliflower panna cotta, smoked crême fraîche, trout roe, finger lime, and sea grass. This dish is not only absolutely gorgeous but also packed with flavor.

What are your current go-to dishes by other chefs? In Santa Barbara, The Tia Juana [spanish octopus and wild white shrimp] tacos at Corazon Cocina [] from chef Ramon Velazquez. I crave these weekly! The Ceviche Verde at Santo Mescal Restaurante [] from executive chef Ricardo Garcia. The Tri Tip at Barbareño [] by executive chef Julian Martinez is seriously one of the most tender and flavorful pieces of meat in town. Of course I am pretty new to town, so I’m still exploring.

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? I would have to say chef Yoichi Kawabata from Yoichi’s [] in Santa Barbara. The kaiseki is steeped in tradition but packed full of creativity. His attention to detail is amazing. And his use of micro-seasonal Japanese ingredients is inspirational.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? The amazingly fresh local seafood. Coming from Atlanta, which is minimally three to four hours from the ocean, I find it pretty fantastic being able to work with seafood that is literally only a couple hours out of the water.


Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village,

What’s trending on the 805 restaurant scene right now? What I see now is more attention to flavors, how you can take the best avocado, the best cabbage, or the best carrot to the next level.

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? Our whole California avocado with Santa Barbara pistachios and seaweed. I think this dish really symbolizes what our restaurant, the region, and the farmers are all about: putting vegetables on the front seat of the plate. The dish has such an interesting story, it is so simple yet so complex and delicious, especially in peak seasons when we get the avocados from Apricot Lane Farms [].

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? Lately I have been in Tyger Tyger [] in Santa Barbara more than once. I love what Daniel Palaima has done in that space—best Crispy Chicken Wings and Crispy Brussels Sprouts.

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? Collin Crannell from Moody Roster [] in Westlake Village is super creative in the way he prepares the dishes and incorporates seasonal ingredients into the mix.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? From this particular area, so many: fresh avocados, strawberries, Santa Barbara spot prawns, pistachios, citrus, and the list continues.

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Westlake Village Inn,

What’s trending on the 805 restaurant scene right now? Trending in the 805 and the restaurant scene in general are regional foods that highlight a specific cuisine and serving more vegetable-centered items.

Of your latest dishes, which are your favorites? Mediterraneo’s Roasted Cauliflower Bagna Cauda, which is roasted and bathed with a garlic anchovy sauce that has such umami-rich flavors. Salatim, because it offers a different, healthy way to start your meal with vegetables that are marinated and turned into dips and spreads, and our grilled Whole Branzino.

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? Executive chef Peter Lee at Loquita [] in Santa Barbara is doing fantastic fresh Spanish small plates with a lot of seafood and vegetables.


Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso Robles,

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? An example of old made new is the Burgundy Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs. I have rejuvenated and improved a perennial favorite. These were on the menu the entire five years [I was] at Roberts Restaurant & Wine Bar [now closed]. It’s like reuniting with an old friend, old faithful. It starts off right, using prime grade steak, heavily marbled and thick-cut, lots of fresh herbs picked right here on the Allegretto property, fistfuls of toasted spices, gallons of burgundy, and three hours of slow cooking—and that’s just the beginning.

Brian Terrizzi and his crew at Etto [] pasta help to take this dish to the next level with their great pappardelle noodles, which I get fresh every few days. A luxurious sherry cream sauce with oak-roasted oyster and cremini mushrooms coats everything. Rustic, rough-chopped parsley, lemon, and green onion gremolata brighten the palate. The surprise for this dish, which I discovered while snacking in the kitchen late one night, is that the carrots used in the braising of the beef become so delicious. They get their own groove on and just melt in your mouth, so yes, they go on the dish, too.

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? Larb ga—Thai chicken salad—is my perennial favorite morning, noon, and night. Extra fish sauce, extra lime, extra cilantro, and brown rice. In Paso Robles, Basil Thai [805-238-9945] and Thai Classic [805-226-9032] always hook me up.

What 805-area ingredients have contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? Tomatoes! Paso Robles tomatoes are the best I’ve ever had. Vanessa Harris from Heart of Paso Produce [] and Zina Engel of Loo Loo Farms [] have blessed me with an unlimited abundance of simply amazing fruit, when the season happens. Harris had plus or minus 180 tomato varieties growing. That means they start early and stay late in the season, and the diversity of color and flavor is mind-blowing. Also plum-basil balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil from Chaparral Gardens [] in Atascadero, sea salt, basil, real mozzarella di buffalo, and pink peppercorns.


Olivella at Ojai Valley Inn,

What’s trending on the 805 restaurant scene right now? Simplicity. Looking around at what other chefs and restaurants are doing throughout Ventura County, I feel they all kind of echo this philosophy of simplicity, and that food doesn’t need to be so far out of the box. It should just taste delicious and make diners feel warm and satisfied.

Of your latest dishes, which is your favorite? I do have a soft spot for our pan-roasted lamb loin. Beside the fact that it tastes yummy, what makes this dish special is the skill and patience required to execute it consistently. It all starts with the sauce, making a proper lamb jus, simmering it down with marsala, roasted lemons, aromatics, and proper seasoning. The sauce must be just right, balanced between sweet and savory, playing off the flavors of ground espresso seasoning on the lamb loin. Every component on the plate must be done with 100 percent thought and focus, from beginning to end. The result showcases balanced flavors in what I would consider a very simple and restrained dish.

What is your current go-to dish by another chef? The Lamb Korma at The Taj Cafe [] in downtown Ventura is without a doubt my go-to dish. It is just simply delicious!

What other 805-area chef is doing particularly creative, interesting things with food? What Ted and Yong Kim of Seoul Sausage Co. [] are doing at The Annex in the Collection at RiverPark in Oxnard is some of the most thoughtful and creative food in the county. It is flat‑out soul-satisfying and delicious.

What 805-area ingredient has contributed the most to the elevation of your culinary creations? The largest contribution that the local farming community has provided us at Olivella is the bounty of fruits that are being showcased year-round. Whether it’s persimmons, pixies, lemons, limes, strawberries, or melons, they all give us an opportunity to elevate our food and add unique flavors and textures.

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Wine Dinner Series at Belmond El Encanto Continues

Belmond El Encanto. Courtesy photo.

Belmond El Encanto. Courtesy photo.

Belmond El Encanto‘s delicious wine dinner series continues this week, with an exclusive dining experience featuring Daou Vineyards and Winery of Paso Robles on Wednesday, June 6.

Regionally inspired cuisine from Executive Chef Johan Denizot is paired with a fantastic selection of wines. A welcome reception begins at 6:30 p.m., followed by a multi-course tasting menu with wine pairings. For a peek at the menu, click here.

The series continues on August 23, featuring Santa Barbara County’s own Au Bon Climat.

On September 20, it’s Venetian Night: Evolution of Amarone (In Italian, the name Amarone literally means “the Great Bitter,” and is a typically rich Italian dry red wine made from the partially dried grapes of the Corvina , Rondinella and other approved red grape varieties).

Finally, Ridge Vineyards, featuring wines from Sonoma County and the Santa Cruz Mountains, is spotlighted on November 1.

The Daou dinner on Wednesday, June 6 is $120 per person. For reservations, call 805/770-3530.

Belmond El Encanto is located at 800 Alvarado Pl., Santa Barbara. For more information about the resort, click here.

Leslie Dinaberg

Cocktail Corner: Burbank Ranch … in Paso Robles!

Courtesy Burbank Ranch

Courtesy Burbank Ranch

A spirited toast to all things alcoholic! By Leslie Dinaberg

Yes, you read that headline correctly, and no, my GPS has not gone crazy. The new Burbank Ranch Winery & Bistro is actually north of Santa Barbara in downtown Paso Robles.

The new restaurant is a dream come true for proprietors Fred and Melody Burbank, whose lifelong passion for balanced wines matched with top notch cuisine led them to create the venue, which opened this spring. Their Burbank Ranch Vineyard, located in the Paso Robles AVA, is home to dozens of grape varietals, each chosen to complement the distinctive growing conditions. The Burbanks established the 45-acre Burbank Ranch vineyard in 2008. The vineyard is SIP-certified and planted with 16 varieties, including many of those that the Burbanks have tasted and enjoyed throughout extensive travels in Italy, France, Spain and beyond. Both WSET-certified sommeliers, Fred and Melody chose the El Pomar District for its terroir, which is ideally suited to producing the balanced, food-friendly wines about which they are so passionate. Ranch manager, Ruben Nodal, meticulously guides the vines’ expression of terroir through to the cellar, where respected winemaker, Steve Anglim, captures that expression in balanced, food-friendly wines.

Courtesy Burbank Ranch

Courtesy Burbank Ranch

After years of traveling the world’s most illustrious winegrowing regions, the Burbanks delight making wines to complement food, and the Burbank Ranch Bistro is an extension of that philosophy. Chef Nicholas Nolan—whose background includes stints at Paso Robles’ Artisan Restaurant and Craft in Los Angeles—has worked in kitchens across the world. Chef Nolan brings his passion for local flavors and the finest ingredients to Burbank Ranch’s French bistro cuisine with a California locavore twist.

At Burbank Ranch Bistro, these wines are available in flights or by the glass, and are complemented by Chef Nolan’s cuisine.

In addition the new restaurant, Burbank Ranch Winery also has seven new releases for spring and summer. Here are their tasting notes on each:

2013 “Little Rascal” Arneis (163 cases produced, 13.4% abv) Translated from the PIemontese dialect as “rascal” for its reputation as a tough variety to grow, Arneis grows beautifully in the Paso Robles AVA. The 2013 Burbank Ranch Arneis was harvested early and fermented in stainless steel, producing a dry, full-bodied white wine redolent with bright pear, apple, honeysuckle, mineral and white peach flavors, followed by a structured finish. Pair with hard cheeses like Grana Padano or simple pasta tossed with butter and topped with white truffle shavings.

2013 “Summertime” Grenache Blanc (105 cases produced, 13.7% abv) The 2013 Grenache Blanc’s seductive aroma of orange blossoms is a preamble to flavors of ripe pears and peaches. This refreshing wine boasts a crisp acidity ideal for pairing with food; try the Grenache Blanc with a lunch of scallops or oysters.

Courtesy Burbank Ranch

Courtesy Burbank Ranch

2013 “Picnic Meadow” Grenache Rosé (191 cases produced, 12.9% abv) The Grenache variety ripens late, requiring just the sort of hot, dry summers to fully mature that Paso Robles offers. 2013 produced a brilliantly-colored rosé with aromas and flavors of sweet cherry and strawberry, as well as a luxurious mouthfeel. A classic Mediterranean pairing for rosé is simple roast chicken, but herbed grilled chicken or fish would also fit the bill.

My personal favorite of the new releases was the 2013 “Friends” Syrah Rosé (77 cases produced, 14.2% abv) This sensuous rosé is reminiscent of its Spanish roots with exotic aromas of rose petals and bright cherry and raspberry flavors. Pair with roasted nuts, a classic Spanish tortilla, or fresh albacore salad.

2013 “Summer Dream” Zinfandel Rosé (211 cases produced, 13.5% abv) Zinfandel has found a happy home at the Burbank Ranch. With minimal skin contact during crush and fermentation, the 2013 Zinfandel rosé is vibrant with hints of strawberry, melon and raspberry. Drink alongside a steaming bowl of pad thai or wood-grilled quattro staggioni pizza.

2011 “Wood Pile” Petit Verdot (25 cases, 15.6% abv) When ripe, Petit Verdot grapes are small and black, producing aromas and flavors of violet, leather, spices, blackberry and black cherry. The Burbank Ranch 2011 Petit Verdot ripened exceedingly well, and is an ideal match with grilled meats like barbecued lamb chops, duck breasts or pork spare ribs; or, alternatively, shared around an evening fire.

I also really enjoyed this wine during last week’s late spring heat wave: 2013 “Summer Moon” Sauvignon Blanc (semi-sweet) (93 cases produced, 12.4% abv) With crisp, fresh notes of ripe orange, green apple, honey and melon balanced against enticing sweetness, the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc is the product of warm days and cool evening breezes from the Pacific Ocean flowing through the Templeton Gap. Perfect alongside a light supper or after-dinner cheeses, this wine is also ideal for late afternoon poolside sipping.

For more information on Burbank Ranch Winery,  visit, or stop by the Burbank Ranch Bistro (at 1240 Park Street, Paso Robles) to sample a selection of wines paired with fresh, locally-sourced cuisine.


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Originally published in Santa Barbara SEASONS on May 23, 2014.

Leslie Dinaberg

Leslie Dinaberg

When she’s not busy working as the editor of Santa Barbara SEASONS, Cocktail Corner author Leslie Dinaberg writes magazine articles, newspaper columns and grocery lists. When it comes to cocktails, Leslie considers herself a “goal-oriented drinker.”