I am treating you as my friend, asking you share my present minuses in the hope I can ask you to share my future pluses.
-Katherine Mansfield

A Day Away: The Oaks at Ojai

by lesliedinaberg on March 31, 2017

Looking for a bit of spring cleaning for the mind, body and soul? The Oaks at Ojai (122 E. Ojai Ave.) is a great place to refresh and recharge your spirit any time of the year. I had a girlfriend getaway for a few days last fall and was pleasantly surprised and charmed at every […]

The “W’s” of Working Out

by lesliedinaberg on March 1, 2009

The symphony of treadmills and weight machines always gets a little louder this time of year-whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, a few too many latkes or too much eggnog, or the gift of a gym membership-getting fit is one of the most popular goals at the start of each year. Here […]