Style File: Mixed Chicks Hair Tricks

I’ve got hair that’s a little bit curly, a little bit wavy, a little bit frizzy and even a little bit straight in places … so as you can imagine, finding the “just right” hair products can be kind of tricky.

Then I found  Mixed Chicks. This innovative haircare company describes itself as, “Finally, a curl-defining system for ‘us.’ Whether you’re black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above, you’ll love the way these non-sticky, lightweight curly hair products leave your hair inviting to touch as they define and lock moisture into every curl. Be a proud part of our multiracial movement…’MIXED CHICKS’ your curls! And yes, it not only works on wavy, tightly curled or straight hair but it also works on weaves.”

I’ve tried a whole slew of Mixed Chicks products and one of my favorites is the Morning After Redefining Foam, which revitalizes your curls the day after you shampoo (or for several days after), leaving your hair feeling and looking healthy and radiant, as well as allowing for a few precious extra minutes of sleep in the morning! 

Courtesy photo.

Courtesy photo.

I also really liked the Shampoo, the Detangling Deep Conditioner and the Leave-In Conditioner. This product line is available locally at Skin Deep Salon (3405 State St., 805/687-9497), as well as online at Check it out, your curls will say thank you!

—Leslie Dinaberg

This story originally appeared in Santa Barbara Seasons Magazine on June 7, 2016.