Cocktail Corner: Cocktails and Cookies for Santa

Ocean Vodka's White Christmas Cocktail, photo by Jessica Pearl

Ocean Vodka’s White Christmas Cocktail, photo by Jessica Pearl

A spirited toast to all things alcoholic! by Leslie Dinaberg |

Maybe your Santa Claus drinks milk with his cookies … but after a long night’s journey up and down chimneys delivering gifts, mine prefers a good stiff adult beverage.

Here are just a few of Santa’s favorite Christmas Eve cocktails (click on drink names for links to the full recipes).

Santa Sleigh Cocktail from the always-festive Sandra Lee of the Food Network features brandy, amaretto and ice cream. Yum!

Bourbon and pear puree are the primary flavors in this delicious Santa’s Little Helper from bartender Kris Doyle via

Want to tickle Santa’s Whiskers? Try this concoction of 42Below Honey Vodka and Angostura Bitters from Mixologist Pete Gugni via’s cocktail section.

Vodka, amaretto and cranberry juice create a refreshing red splash for Santa’s Helper from Chris Nease at

Leave it to Rachel Ray to create the Tipsy Santa cocktail, featuring bourbon and ginger ale.

Our friends at Ocean Vodka came up with the White Christmas, a tasty treat featuring peppermint extract and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur.

Finally, we’ve got 12 Days of Christmas Cocktails from the fabulous folks of Try the Spice “Cake Batter” Shots to give your night an extra festive kick.


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Originally published in Santa Barbara SEASONS on December 20, 2013.

Leslie Dinaberg

Leslie Dinaberg

When she’s not busy working as the editor of Santa Barbara SEASONS, Cocktail Corner author Leslie Dinaberg writes magazine articles, newspaper columns and grocery lists. When it comes to cocktails, Leslie considers herself a “goal-oriented drinker.”