Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. Its' the one and only thing you have to offer.
-Barbara Kingsolver

Cheers to a New Year!

by lesliedinaberg on December 23, 2011

Whether you’re spending New Year’s Eve dressed to the MILF-a-luscious nines with Prince Charming sipping champagne from your glass slipper-or whatever the male equivalent to that scenario might be, perhaps eating caviar off of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker’s naked belly?-or you’re at a house party yawning as you watch the East Coast ball […]

Black and Blue Friday

by lesliedinaberg on November 25, 2011

My mom, my sister and I have a longstanding Black Friday shopping tradition- which doesn’t include getting up at the crack of dawn with all the crazy doorbusters armed with ad circulars, shin guards and Purell. The 6 a.m. bargains may be great but we’ll still be sleeping off our turkey hangovers till at least […]

Counting my blessings, gobble by gobble

by lesliedinaberg on November 18, 2011

Other than the day the clocks “fall back” and I get an extra hour of sleep, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is always reliably stuffed with good will, relatively little religious baggage, and predictably tasty food-except for that one year at my ex-Uncle’s house, where there were no mashed potatoes. NO mashed potatoes. The […]

F is for Frenemy

by lesliedinaberg on November 11, 2011

A friendship, too, is a kind of romance-complete with possessiveness,┬ájealousy and mistrust. -Nick Laird While sifting your friends from your foes should be straightforward, it’s not always obvious who’s got your back, and who’s getting ready to stab a knife in it. Friends are supposed to bring out the best in you, even when you’re […]

Halloween Scares up Money and Merriment

by lesliedinaberg on October 28, 2011

You can buy a lot of wax lips, slutty pumpkin costumes and glow-in-the-dark plastic maggots for $6.9 billion. The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual survey, conducted by BigResearch, says that seven in 10 Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year. That’s up from 64% last year, and is the most celebrants in the National Retail […]

Do Kids Make You Fat?

by lesliedinaberg on October 7, 2011

Only if you add sugar. I have no doubt that having kids makes your heart fuller and your wallet slimmer, but what about your waistline? According to a study by the University of Iowa College of Medicine and the University of Michigan, living with the little darlings also makes your belly bulge. And I’m not […]

Apps I Would Like to See

by lesliedinaberg on September 16, 2011

You can do just about anything on an iPhone these days. Just last Tuesday I was checking my email, while listening to a book on tape and translating last week’s column into 37 different languages. That thing is so amazing. Every time my son plays with my phone I find another screen full of new […]


by lesliedinaberg on September 2, 2011

Kid Goes to Junior High. Mom Gets Fired. Film at 11. When I walked my son to school on his first day of junior high I had a rather unexpected revelation: I had just been fired. Sure, I was still his mom and I would never be completely pink-slipped from that role. But I had […]

The guilt gene

by lesliedinaberg on August 26, 2011

G-U-I-L-T should really be a four-letter word. Years ago, when I was in full-blown rebellious teenage daughter mode, I jotted this quote down from Katherine Lee: “If there’s anything that can match the heights of mother-love, it’s the depths of mother-guilt.” Boy is that ever true. I was raised on a diet of guilt. Sure, […]

What’s in a name?

by lesliedinaberg on August 12, 2011

“Manroot” and “Roadkill” were my husband’s favorite baby names when I was pregnant. I could never quite tell if he was serious- especially when he would wax rhapsodic about all the umlauts we could crow “root” with. I just laughed, as I blew off those suggestions as best I could, and continued looking at naming […]