Books fall open, you fall in.
-David McCord

I Wish I’d Thought of That

by lesliedinaberg on July 30, 2010

Jon Stewart had a guy on the other night named William Rosen who wrote a book called, “The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry, and Invention.” The most powerful? Seriously? Not that I have anything against steam engines but I highly doubt that they were the most powerful idea in […]

The Girl Who Stared Into Space

by lesliedinaberg on July 23, 2010

Last Sunday I went to the beach to relax with my husband and son. It was a perfect warm day, with just the right amount of sea breeze. I had warned them both earlier that I wasn’t in the mood to socialize. I just wanted to veg out with the sand in my toes and […]

Dude Food

by lesliedinaberg on July 16, 2010

Is there really such a thing as dude food? If you were an alien looking in on our culture of Burger King and Yoplait ads you would certainly think so. But how much of our “dude food” and “chick picks” food preferences are based on cultural and gender stereotypes and messaging? A lot, according to […]

Off the Record

by lesliedinaberg on July 9, 2010

“Abracadabra” is a magic word. So are “salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” Even “please,” “thank you” and “I’m sorry” have magical properties sometimes. However, “off the record” is not a magic enchantment spell with supernatural powers to change both the future and the past. I repeat: “off the record” is not a magic phrase. “Off the […]

Why it’s okay to swoon

by lesliedinaberg on July 2, 2010

At the last Twilight movie, my girlfriend and I decided there should be a drinking game where you did a shot every time Jacob (18-year-old actor Taylor Lautner) took off his shirt and you heard the gasping chorus of all the teenage girls in the theater. When you gasp you gulp. When you gasp you […]