A single word of truth can sound like a pistol shot.
-Czeslaw Milosz

Kindergarten Screening

by lesliedinaberg on April 30, 2010

Playing “tour guide” for the parents of incoming kindergarteners this morning, I couldn’t help feeling a little nostalgic. It wasn’t that long ago that I was holding a tiny, nervous hand in my bigger and more nervous one, as we made our way to the first in a long series of school tests. Sure, they […]

Forging Friendships

by lesliedinaberg on April 23, 2010

A certain amount of loose behavior is required to forge a close friendship. You’ve got to let go of your inhibitions and take a risk. Plus, the window of opportunity for personal revelation is small-if you do it too quickly you’re a promiscuous slut who has exposed too much too soon-but if you wait till […]

Laundry Lessons

by lesliedinaberg on April 16, 2010

My friend Erin turns 40 today. She doesn’t want any presents; she just wants me to tell her the meaning of life. That’s all. The meaning of life. Just a simple, little gift. I don’t think she’ll accept “no,” “42,” or even “swordfish” as an answer. Doesn’t she know that I don’t really know what […]

Bag Lady

by lesliedinaberg on April 9, 2010

It’s taken me a while to get to this point. I’ve struggled and the results haven’t always been pretty, but I can now admit, loudly and proudly, that I’m a bag lady. The weight of my big fat carbon footprint has been keeping me up at night for years-not to mention all those agonizing times […]

Note to my Younger Self

by lesliedinaberg on April 2, 2010

You know all that gibberish older people always spout about wishing they had smelled the roses, stayed out of the sun and flossed more when they were younger? Forget that. If my older self could fly back in time and give one worthwhile piece of advice to my younger self it would be this: Have […]