All of us struggle to be the best we can be. All of us wonder at times whether what lies ahead is too difficult or too challenging. In truth, sometimes our most fearsome competitor is ourself, as we face our own doubts and fears on the way to reaching our potential.
-Hillary Rodham Clinton

Taking a Gander at Gender Selection

by lesliedinaberg on March 26, 2010

Sometimes I look at the dirty, rowdy, brilliant, clueless, sweet, sensitive, unpredictable bundle of otherness that is my son and marvel-he truly is everything I never knew I always wanted. It’s not that I didn’t always want to be a mom. I did, for as long as I can remember. When I played dolls, or […]


by lesliedinaberg on March 19, 2010

In elementary school my nickname was Big Bird. No, I wasn’t covered with yellow feathers back then-nor am I now, for that matter-but compared to the other kids I was absurdly tall. Taller than all of my friends, taller than all of my female teachers and even a few of the men, I was as […]

Ineffectiveness and the N-Effect

by lesliedinaberg on March 12, 2010

Is the school board creating a GATE-way to mediocrity? Did you hear the one about the N-Effect? A research study published in Psychological Science found that when it comes to academics, the more competitors you have, the less motivated you are to do your best. Researchers Stephen M. Garcia (University of Michigan) and Avishalom Tor […]

Noozhawk Talks: Leslie Dinaberg Sits Down With Colette Hadley

by lesliedinaberg on March 8, 2010

Colette Hadley’s Commitment to Education Is All About Opportunity For Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara director, the future begins now for the students she aims to help The Scholarship Foundation of Santa Barbara’s services are needed now more than ever as the rising costs of college mean more and more families are looking for financial aid to […]

The Soup Takes Bronze

by lesliedinaberg on March 5, 2010

Over the years I’ve written a few books, oodles of magazine articles, countless columns and an amazing number of thank you notes, but until recently I had never, ever, ever written a recipe. In all honesty, I had hardly even looked at a recipe, let alone tried to follow one. I know some people, like […]