It takes a genius to play a fool.
-Michael Rapaport

Lucy Stoners

by lesliedinaberg on December 18, 2009

I, Leslie Dinaberg, nee Dinaberg, am a Lucy Stoner. This may surprise some people-or explain some things about how I write my columns-but the time has come to discuss my radical views. I don’t think of myself as an extremist, but I guess I am, at least according to a survey done by the Center […]

Noozhawk Talks: Leslie Dinaberg Sits Down With Michael Wyrsta

by lesliedinaberg on December 14, 2009

Attacking complicated problems is nothing new to chemist Michael Wyrsta. The “Gaucho purebred”—who received both his BS and PhD at UCSB—lends his considerable talents to developing vaccines, solar energy cells, green carbon technology and eco-friendly building materials and making natural gas into gasoline and green carbon technology. Now he’s turning his talents to creating RND […]

The Next Generation of Dolls

by lesliedinaberg on December 11, 2009

Shopping for little girls is one of my favorite things about the holidays. Not that balls, books and board games aren’t exciting to shop for, but for a boy-mom like myself, there’s something magical about wandering through the pink-drenched aisles of the girls’ section of a toy store. I’ve heard animated birds chirp and seen […]

Boys Will be Boys

by lesliedinaberg on December 4, 2009

I learned a new word recently: “Dad-olescence,” described by Daily Beast writer Sean Macaulay as the modern, midlife crisis-aged male’s tendency to “act like a sullen teenager … a low-grade regressive style of acting-out that’s now so widespread among midlife males it deserves its own label.” Unlike the stereotypical midlife crises our parents’ generation had-using […]