It's a sad day when you find out that it's not accident or time or fortune, but just yourself that kept things from you.
-Lillian Hellman

Brand Teen

by lesliedinaberg on July 31, 2009

We live in a superficial society, so I suppose it was inevitable that the image consulting business would eventually expand its horizons to teenage girls. It must be tough to be a teen today. In addition to padding their 9.5 grade-point-average resumes with mastery of tennis, Mandarin, water polo, texting under the table, and ballroom […]

Fig Leaf Schmig Leaf

by lesliedinaberg on July 24, 2009

Summertime means bare feet and bare arms, but does it mean bare buns? A recent New York Times article by Julie Scelfo about parents’ clashing sensibilities concerning nudity among young children (cleverly titled “When Do They Need a Fig Leaf?”) got me thinking about how much times have changed. When I was a kid in […]

Yogurt Culture

by lesliedinaberg on July 17, 2009

I’ve been spending a lot of time in yogurt stores lately. You can’t cross the street without bumping into a new one, so they’re kind of hard to avoid. In fact, the last time I was at Yogurt House in the Yogurt City pavilion, construction workers were putting up the walls for a brand new […]

The meaning of marriage

by lesliedinaberg on July 10, 2009

I’m ambivalent about marriage in many ways. I’m not a religious person, so the church stuff isn’t meaningful to me. Zak and I lived together for almost six years before we got married, and most things didn’t change after we tied the knot. He got fat, and I started denying him sex-otherwise, status quo. Granted, […]

Greeting the Grunion

by lesliedinaberg on July 4, 2009

I couldn’t help but giggle as I watched the silvery fish wiggle into the sand to lay their eggs. These mesmerizing creatures are only found along the coast of southern California and northern Baja California where they lay their eggs on sandy beaches just a few months out of the year. Growing up in Santa […]

Giving Back: The Hutton Foundation

by lesliedinaberg on July 1, 2009

One of the biggest obstacles facing local nonprofits is the high price of real estate in Santa Barbara. Luckily Hutton Foundation is helping to fill that gap. One of Hutton Foundation’s most significant efforts is its Under One Roof program, through which more than 30 local nonprofit organizations are housed in 12 Hutton Foundation-owned and […]