It takes a certain amount of courage to let the field lie fallow until you have something to say.
-Emmylou Harris

The wheaty taste of niche gone nuts

by lesliedinaberg on April 24, 2009

We have so many choices, yet so few of them are really important. But that doesn’t stop the marketers from giving us more to choose from. We live in an age of niche marketing gone nuts. There’s actually a $47 marketing book that people presumably pay for, called “Niche Marketing on Crack!” I’m not kidding. […]

The Blessings of Boredom

by lesliedinaberg on April 17, 2009

“I’m bored.” Ask any parent and they’re sure to tell you that these are the two most irritating words you can hear come out of a child’s mouth. More annoying than “Are we there yet?” and more ubiquitous than “five more minutes,” when a child says he’s bored it’s enough to drive any over-scheduled, multi-tasking […]

Noozhawk Talks: Leslie Dinaberg Sits Down With Steven Lovelace

by lesliedinaberg on April 10, 2009

As the owner/director of Santa Barbara Dance Arts (with partner Alana Tillim), Steven Lovelace has his dance card full guiding the jazz hands and pirouettes of more than 400 young students. Here, he takes a brief intermission to talk to Noozhawk. Leslie Dinaberg: So Arts Alive! which shared your space, is now gone, sadly. But I hear Santa […]

Brag Hags

by lesliedinaberg on April 10, 2009

There’s a bit of a Brag Hag in every mom. Can’t you just picture Ghandi’s mother on the playground? “It’s the strangest thing, every time I give little Mahatma a snack, he starts passing it out to all the other kids.” Or Bill Gates’ mom: “Last night little Billy figured out a way to wire […]

Reality Bites

by lesliedinaberg on April 3, 2009

Am I the last person in America who hates reality TV? My head starts to throb every time I flip through the channels and I feel my brain’s gray matter transform into a gelatinous oozy substance, perfect for the aliens to come take it over. I’ve got 900 channels and most of them are filled […]