An educated man is one on whom nothing is lost.
-Wendell Smith

The science of happiness

by lesliedinaberg on December 27, 2008

If you can get a grant to pay for the research, then just about any topic is ripe for scientific analysis. Once the province of poets and playwrights, happiness is now emerging as a significant field of academic inquiry. Psychologists, ethicists, scientists and researchers all over the world have been working diligently to dig up […]

Noozhawk Talks: Leslie Dinaberg Sits Down With Ann Peyrat

by lesliedinaberg on December 21, 2008

Diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager, Ann Peyrat didn’t like the sound of the word diabetic-especially the “die” part-and quickly declared herself a “betes babe” instead. Now she’s developing a fun and fashionable line of accessories called Betes Babe ( to help others wear their “betes” in style. Leslie Dinaberg: Tell me about your business. […]

Not buying it

by lesliedinaberg on December 19, 2008

Like my shopaholic foremothers, I usually indulge in the “one for you, one for me” method of gift buying. Not only does this help the economy, but it also motivates me to cheerfully take on the majority of family shopping duties, for which my husband is eternally grateful. But as you can imagine, Chrismukkah season […]

The naked truth about communication

by lesliedinaberg on December 12, 2008

Communication is complicated, especially when it involves men and women. Men don’t understand our obsessions with the shoe department at Nordstrom, our friend’s relationships, and Grey’s Anatomy. And we don’t remotely understand their fascinations with remote control anything, video games, or the Three Stooges. I’ve also yet to meet a woman who has figured out […]

29 Gifts Bring Bountiful Blessings

by lesliedinaberg on December 5, 2008

The story is right out of a Lifetime movie, only this time it’s true. Lovely 30-something Cami Walker was on top of the world. She had conquered addictions to alcohol and drugs–now her career was thriving and she just married the man of her dreams. Then, two weeks after her honeymoon, her whole world came […]