The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
-Chinese Proverb

Leslie Dinaberg Sits Down With Janet Wolf

by lesliedinaberg on December 31, 2007

Issues like the environment, housing, transportation and social services usually top the agendas of county government, but women’s health is also high on the list of concerns for Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf, who celebrates her first year in office in January. Leslie Dinaberg: I know health is a big concern of yours since you […]

Leslie Dinaberg Sits Down with Steven Crandell

by lesliedinaberg on December 24, 2007

Between his calming Kiwi accent and his towering 6-foot-6-inch presence, working with the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation for the abolishment of nuclear weapons seems a natural fit for Steven Crandell. There’s something soothing about spending time with this former Stanford basketball team captain, journalist, biographer and fund-raising consultant, who now devotes his days to working […]

Card sharks up the ante at Christmas

by lesliedinaberg on December 21, 2007

It all started with Cady and Sting. A few years back, Cady Huffman (whom some of you know from her sis-boom-bah’s as a cheerleader at San Marcos High School and some of you know from her va va vooms as Ulla on Broadway in The Producers) sent us a great Christmas card. It was a […]

One on one with Kate Parker

by lesliedinaberg on December 17, 2007

Coming up on the tail end of what she calls one of the most “fascinating and stressful years of her life,” the newest member of the Santa Barbara School Districts Board of Education, Kate Parker, took some rare time off to share her experiences. Leslie Dinaberg: What’s it like to be on the Santa Barbara […]

Harmony, Hope Abound at La Casa de Maria

by lesliedinaberg on December 16, 2007

The halls were decked with boughs of holly and undeniable good cheer filled the air at La Casa de Maria’s holiday concert December 9th. Featuring Christmas carols from the Vocal Point Jazz Ensemble and a reading of the timeless holiday story, “The Gift of the Magi,” from Vicki Riskin and David Rintels, it was an […]

Dear Santa

by lesliedinaberg on December 14, 2007

Dear Santa, I’m not sure if you remember me. It’s been a while since I’ve written. Truthfully, I was giving you the silent treatment, whether you realized it or not, because in all the years I did write to you, you never, ever, ever got me what I asked for. I always thought it was […]

One on one with Paige Shields

by lesliedinaberg on December 10, 2007

After being a stay-at-home mom for several years, Paige Shields was looking for a way to use her extensive computer skills to reenter the workforce in a child-friendly, flexible and sociable way. Not finding an existing job that fit the bill, in 2005 she created Whiz Kidz computer gaming and education center. Leslie Dinaberg: When […]

Time to earn your keep

by lesliedinaberg on December 7, 2007

I recently spent the day with Lila, a delightful two-year-old charmer who earns her own living simply by smiling and being cute. This got me thinking. If she’s only two and she’s already got a steady income, then it’s high time my eight-year-old started carrying his own weight. If Koss got a job it would […]

One on one with Wendy Read

by lesliedinaberg on December 3, 2007

Santa Barbara County faces huge challenges with foster children, especially as they reach their teenage years and it becomes almost impossible to find homes for them. Funded by a grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation, Founder/CEO Wendy Read and her team have been working to create the Children’s Project, which will be the state’s first […]

With Open Arms: Sarah House

by lesliedinaberg on December 1, 2007

While the image of a residential care facility for people who are sick and dying doesn’t exactly conjure uplifting images, a visit to Sarah House is more inspiring than depressing. “Sarah House is a place where you live your life until the last breath. It’s a celebration of your life,” says Kerrie Kilpatrick-Weinberg, board member […]