Never ruin an apology with an excuse.
-Kimberly Johnson

Back to school blues

by lesliedinaberg on August 24, 2007

Slamming the snooze button delays the dreaded alarm clock bell from ringing for three heavenly minutes, then it’s back to reality. Recess is over and it’s time for school to start again. I know a lot of parents are jumping for joy that summer is over and they can finally escape from their kids–I guarantee […]

I Dream of Oprah

by lesliedinaberg on August 17, 2007

Some girls dream of fancy cars, furs, and jewels. Others fantasize about being the first president of the United States or running the United Nations. For me, it’s all about meeting Oprah. We’ve had so many imaginary conversations, I know when we actually meet on her show it’ll be like sinking into the couch of […]

How can I hate you if I won’t look away?

by lesliedinaberg on August 10, 2007

I felt a little sick to my stomach when the wax model image of Lindsay Lohan in prison garb flashed on the TV, with a ten-year-old girl posing adoringly next to it. What a Kodak moment for her proud mama. Lindsay and the little girl even had matching alcohol-detecting ankle bracelets. And yet, it’s hard […]

Treat Your Children Well

by lesliedinaberg on August 1, 2007

A Look at Some of the Nonprofits Serving Children What could be a more universal cause than striving to give children a brighter tomorrow and a more fulfilling future? Literally hundreds of opportunities exist to give back to children in the community. Unfortunately, we can’t include them all. Here’s a look at just a few […]