If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it all over again--but with less performance anxiety.
-Mary Lou Quinlan

MONOPOLY Goes Modern

by lesliedinaberg on September 29, 2006

Would you like fries with that labradoodle? If I were dead, I’d be rolling over in my grave right now. But since I’m not, I’ll have to settle on rolling my eyes along with every kid who ever suffered through a rainy day MONOPOLY marathon, which is basically every kid and ex-kid in America. Love […]

A Sugarcoated Lesson on Navigating the News

by lesliedinaberg on September 22, 2006

Certain Santa Barbarians, who shall remain nameless for fear of lawsuits, seem to be having a humongous amount of difficulty understanding what constitutes the difference between a news story, an opinion piece and a column. So, as a public service for the seven of you who don’t have the benefit of high school journalism experience, […]

Science Goddess, Hear me Roar!

by lesliedinaberg on September 15, 2006

An introduction to the Leslie Science System Quite frankly I’ve been confused about conventional science since elementary school, where I learned in English class that “i” goes before “e” except after “c,” and then it was time to open up our scIEnce textbooks. I tried to participate in my junior high science fair, with what […]

Happy Birthday to Me

by lesliedinaberg on September 8, 2006

When I was born they had to use forceps, which screwed up my face. Family lore has it that dad’s first words upon seeing his firstborn were (to my mom): “It’s okay honey, we’ll buy her pretty clothes and develop her personality.” My husband gets a big kick out of that one. Until I remind […]

A Tale of Two Trips

by lesliedinaberg on September 1, 2006

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of childhood, it was the age of parenthood, it was the epoch of excitement, it was the epoch of dullness, it was the season of laughter, it was the season of bickering. It was August, and it was family […]