One of the indictments of civilizations is that happiness and intelligence are so rarely found in the same person.
-William Feather

At This Office, It is OK to Show Up Late

by lesliedinaberg on June 30, 2006

You know what I miss most about my day job — besides the paycheck? I miss the water cooler. It’s not that we don’t have plenty of cold drinks and snacks available here at home. I’m perfectly well sweetened, salted, and hydrated–repeat–repeat again–with a special emphasis on sweets during a certain time of the month. […]

Obsessed (or Possessed) by Scrapbooking

by lesliedinaberg on June 23, 2006

The fine line between “fun hobby” and “neurotic obsession” finally blurred for me last weekend, as I stayed up ’til 3 a.m. hammering little metal plates printed with sincere sentiments like, “A teacher takes the hand, opens the mind, touches the heart” onto little scraps of paper that would eventually find their way into a […]

Some fine marriage advice

by lesliedinaberg on June 9, 2006

Last weekend we celebrated my in-laws 50th anniversary. Can you imagine being married for 50 years? Remember how long that movie Titanic was? Now watch it 127,750 times. That’s how long 50 years is. Drop an iceberg on me now. It’s not that I don’t love my husband, I do. And even though I’d had […]

Wading my Way Through Swimsuitophobia

by lesliedinaberg on June 2, 2006

“Mommy only goes in the water when we’re on vacation,” my son told his buddy when we ventured to the pool last week. The poor kid didn’t even realize I knew how to swim until a couple of years ago, when an unfortunate heat wave forced me to don a swimsuit for the first time […]

Courting Families

by lesliedinaberg on June 1, 2006

Special Events Attract the Family Market Parents hunting for great places to go hang out with friends, grab a bite, shop a bit, or entertain their kids for a few hours, need look no further than their local shopping center. While malls are usually thought to be family friendly, some centers are pulling out all […]