When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.
-Maya Angelou

Spinning the Wheels of Sarcasm

by lesliedinaberg on March 31, 2006

Sometimes magic words fly in the face of love and logic. There’s no doubt that “Abracadabra,” “Alakazam,” and “Thank You” have some mighty mojo behind them, but as far as magic words go, there’s nothing more powerful in our house than “Helicopter.” Not the winged aircraft with huge spinning blades kind of helicopter, but a […]

Sweet Dreams

by lesliedinaberg on March 1, 2006

Profile of Brent Torson, En Gedi Beds Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Brent Torson spent his boyhood days dreaming of living in California where “the sky was blue and the sun always shined,” and designing “the fanciest cars he could imagine.” Now happily ensconced in sunny Santa Barbara, Torson’s fertile imagination has been transported by […]

Forward Thinking Farm

by lesliedinaberg on March 1, 2006

Center for Urban Agriculture at Fairview Gardens As one of the oldest organic farms in Southern California, Fairview Gardens is often referred to as “the little farm that could,” for its unique diversity of products and as an internationally respected model for small scale urban food production, agricultural land preservation, farm-based education, and the integration […]