Writing is hard work; it is an intellectual and emotional workout. Some authors enjoy the discipline writing requires, but more have a greater appreciation for the results.
-Dan Poynter

Hospital construction to begin in June

by lesliedinaberg on April 28, 2005

Construction is expected to begin in June on the rebuilding of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, the largest and most expensive project in the city’s history. As anticipated, the Santa Barbara City Council unanimously gave the go-ahead on April 26. Officials estimate the hospital won’t be completed until 2013. Cottage Health System Chief Executive Officer Ron […]

Wisteria Lane Hysteria

by lesliedinaberg on April 28, 2005

Desperate Housewives? Man I can relate My name is Leslie, and I am addicted to Desperate Housewives. The editor of Ms. Magazine, a woman of impeccable priorities, recently left the publication over an argument about Desperate Housewives. If that’s not a sign that the show has morphed into more than a guilty pleasure, I don’t […]

Battle of the Books

by lesliedinaberg on April 21, 2005

Reading comprehension, retention is the name of this popular game The Lucky Ligers may have taken home first place honors, but every child came out a winner at the county’s fourth annual Battle of the Books on April 14. Combining reading comprehension with a thirst for competition and the need for diplomatic cooperation among teams […]

Peanut butter, parties and playdates

by lesliedinaberg on April 21, 2005

Attention parents: when you go to kindergarten orientation this month, take a good look around at the other parents. These are the people you’re going to spend the next 13 years of your life with. Those of you who did the co-op preschool thing are better prepared for this than the rest of us. For […]

Parents Choice Awards

by lesliedinaberg on April 14, 2005

When one person gives advice, you can take it or leave it. But when hundreds of people chime in on the best places to spend your time, and your money … well, it just makes sense to perk up your ears. So listen up — and even take notes if you need to — these […]

Rape Crisis Center’s Wall of Witness Debuts

by lesliedinaberg on April 7, 2005

Eloquently illustrating the potential of art to heal, empower and assist with social change, Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center unveiled the Wall of Witness on April 4 in an opening reception to mark the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. A mural and collection of artwork and poetry contributed by the community and exploring the […]

Local private schools expand enrollment and facilities

by lesliedinaberg on April 7, 2005

While the public schools continue to struggle with declining enrollment and budgetary crises, some local private schools — like San Roque and El Montecito — are expanding, adding more grades and additional real estate to their offerings. San Roque School expands to high school San Roque School will offer a full course of classes for […]

A new view of life in the middle ages

by lesliedinaberg on April 7, 2005

I can hardly believe it, but by the time you read this column, I’ll be married to a middle-aged man. Zak, my dear husband who was barely legal when we met — and used to be two grades younger (as he likes to remind me) than I am (but only 19 months younger, as I […]