People assume that what happens when a previously normal boy or girl becomes a teenage star is that he or she has his or her insides scraped out and replaced with pure, Styrofoam ambition.
-Devin Friedman

RV Ordinance Parked

by lesliedinaberg on March 25, 2004

Councilman Das Williams’ effort to tweak the city’s RV parking ordinance — to allow violators to enroll in an authorized overnight parking program, rather than pay the fine or have their vehicle towed — fell just short of approval on Tuesday night. The proposal came about a year after the City Council passed controversial new […]

Agent Cody Banks: Destination London

by lesliedinaberg on March 18, 2004

As any honest parent of a young child will tell you, there are days when you’ll happily shell out $40 in quick cash in exchange for popcorn and a couple of hours of relative peace and quiet. Save “Agent Cody Banks: Destination London” for one of those days … or at least for a rainy […]

Hillside House, neighbors at odds

by lesliedinaberg on March 18, 2004

Hidden Valley residents decry ‘out of context’ expansion. One of Santa Barbara’s last parcels of open space — in Hidden Valley — may be turned into apartments and condominiums if Hillside House’s development proposal is approved. The project was presented to the public as a way for the nonprofit Hillside House to ensure its financial […]

Talking Kindness with Anita Roddick

by lesliedinaberg on March 4, 2004

A walking billboard for her belief that, “enthusiasm can’t be taught, it must be caught,” Dame Anita Roddick recently delivered a lecture on “Kindness as a Key to Humanity’s Future” to a crowd of about 200 UCSB students and people from the community. “Kindness doesn’t have to be random … It can and should be […]