On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not all the time.
-George Orwell

An Interview with Cerida Corporation’s Jeanne Lambert

by lesliedinaberg on September 1, 2001

Recognizing the critical need for teleprofessionals who could focus on driving the entire sales cycle — from marketing to sales to customer development — Jeanne Lambert founded Cerida Corp. (formerly TeleSales, Inc.) in 1993. As President and CEO, she has built up an impressive client list that includes IBM PartnerWorld, Cisco Systems, and Texas Instruments. […]

SAM talks to Donald Baird about the America’s Schools Program

by lesliedinaberg on July 1, 2001

Talk about a win-win proposition. Who wouldn’t want to associate their brand with something as wholesome and all-American as helping to bring textbooks, art, music and sports to their children’s schools? Aussie Olympian Donald Baird, Founder and CEO of the International School Licensing Corporation, has devoted over twenty years of his life to developing revenue […]

Tradeshow Case Study: Inova’s Graffiti Wall

by lesliedinaberg on July 1, 2001

The Challenge: Maltbie and Associates (http://www.maltbie.com) has been in the tradeshow exhibit industry for 40 years, but they are better known for their museum exhibits. At the recent Exhibitor Show they launched a new name for the tradeshow division — Inova Exhibit Projects — and a new tag line — inspiration, invention and innovation. The […]

Case Study: Contempo Design’s Employee Newsletter

by lesliedinaberg on July 1, 2001

How do you keep in-house communication lines open when your company grows from 50 to 450 employees in seven different locations? Contempo Design (www.contempodesign.com) needed to meet the internal challenges of evolving from a single product line of exhibits to a supplier of retail/financial environments, specialty interiors, events and labor management. One tool: an employee […]

Case Study: Interliant’s Sales Incentive Program

by lesliedinaberg on July 1, 2001

The Challenge: Every morning, Travis Lupo, Web Hosting Sales Manager for Interliant, an ASP with offices through the U.S. and Europe, meets with his 25-member Atlanta-based sales team. Daily updates and friendly competition are an important part of his motivation strategy, but Interliant’s internal platform for sales reporting was being transitioned and he couldn’t get […]

Hallmark’s Biggest Ever Mother’s Day Promotion

by lesliedinaberg on May 1, 2001

The Point: An inside look at the world’s biggest greeting card company’s “biggest-ever” promotion. Hallmark’s (www.hallmark.com) research confirmed what every son or daughter intuitively knows about their Mom: The most important thing you can do for her on Mother’s Day is to let her know how much you value and appreciate her. But how do […]

Niche Marketing (Re)defined

by lesliedinaberg on May 1, 2001

Conventional marketing wisdom — from the 80/20 rule to any kind of ROI analysis — tells us that focusing on a target market is necessary for achieving success. “We sort of use the bed of nails theory of niche marketing,” says Pattie Garrahy, CEO of PGR Media (www.prgmedia.com), the strategic marketing, media planning and buying […]