A life without love is like a year without summer.
-Swedish Proverb

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Cocktail Corner: Pairing Wine and Sushi

by lesliedinaberg on May 15, 2017

A Spirited Toast to All Things Alcoholic! By Leslie Dinaberg   Wine and sushi were a match made in Happy Canyon heaven—I’m still dreaming about a once-in-a-lifetime amazing meal I shared recently at Dierberg & Star Lane Vineyards. The Dierberg family-owned wineries teamed up with Japan’s sushi master Chef Kiminari Togawa of  Sushi Karaku of Ginza Tokyo, winemaker Tyler Thomas and two impressive […]

Time Is On My Side

by lesliedinaberg on November 2, 2013

This Sunday is my favorite day of the year. There’s something magical about the day we “fall back.” Think about it. How often do you wish you had an extra hour of sleep, or an extra hour to pour over the Sunday Times, do the crossword puzzle, or linger over brunch, or even an extra […]

Oh my, Miley

by lesliedinaberg on September 3, 2013

Author’s Note: If only Miley’s parents had read this column when I first published it back in 2008. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus, Dear Mr. and Mrs. Montana, To the parents of Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana) or whatever the heck you call yourselves, You’re breaking my acky breaky heart. Have you learned nothing from […]

Making friends is hard work

by lesliedinaberg on July 16, 2013

To attain the next level of friendship, you’ve really got to apply yourself I appreciate alone time with my husband as much as the next gal, but as lovely as that table for two is, sometimes we need a larger audience to fully appreciate us. That’s where couple friends come in. Finding a companionable couple […]

Mom’s the Word

by lesliedinaberg on May 8, 2013

“You’ll never know how much I love you until you have children of your own.” I can’t tell you how many times I heard those words come out of my mother’s mouth when I was growing up. While other kids’ moms told them to stop making faces or their mouth would freeze that way, or […]

That Other Mother

by lesliedinaberg on May 8, 2013

I was a much better mother before I actually had a child. I did so many things right back in the old days, when I was that other mother. That other mother lost her pregnancy weight in two weeks, breast fed for three years, and had a child who immediately slept through the night, allowing […]

The Amazing Adventures of Danger Boy and Wimpy Mom

by lesliedinaberg on April 8, 2013

I stared up at Koss in amazement, as he confidently donned his bike helmet and harness to climb Gibraltar Rock. He looked so little, just a wisp of a boy, yet so excited and sure of himself. I couldn’t help but be impressed. Then I looked down at Rattlesnake Canyon 150 feet below, and almost […]

What PMS really stands for

by lesliedinaberg on June 24, 2011

I used to think that PMS was a myth. Like fat free cheese that doesn’t taste like plastic, the Loch Ness Monster, celery having negative calories, and conditioner that repairs split ends-I was convinced that Premenstrual Syndrome didn’t really exist. I would secretly snicker to myself when my girlfriends complained that the turning of their […]

Adult BoyCare

by lesliedinaberg on November 26, 2010

Does the prospect of going to a mall this time of year make the men in your life resemble cranky, whiney, exhausted kindergarteners who are clearly in need of a snack and a nap? Me too. I don’t know what it is about the holiday season. The rest of the year my husband hardly puts […]

Float Pray Love

by lesliedinaberg on August 27, 2010

There’s nothing like the adrenalin rush of a near miss to make even a heathen like me say her prayers. And there’s nothing like a tragedy to make me vow, for the umpteenth time, to savor every moment and not to sweat the small stuff. I had a horrible reminder of this the other day. […]